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What’s Really Behind The Plant-Based Diet Agenda?

January 23, 2019 I have previously covered the anti-animal agriculture narrative here and the plant-based and/or alternative protein agenda here. But as the plant-based diet agenda is currently enjoying an uninterrupted public relations campaign facilitated by the obliging media; and given last week’s launch of the EAT-Lancet Commission’s report on healthy diets for sustainable food…

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Alternative Protein – More Plants & Processed Food?

July 26, 2018 “Great harm is done, in my judgement, by the sale and use of substitutes for natural foods.” – Weston A Price, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration In my last post, I briefly examined the newly emerged anti-animal agriculture narrative, concluding that this movement is not at all bothered with the practicalities of food…

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Anti-Animal Agriculture Narrative – Blame It On Daisy!

July 13, 2018 Credit: DeLaval “The reason so many people misunderstand so many issues is not that these issues are so complex, but that people do not want a factual or analytical explanation that leaves them emotionally unsatisfied.” – Thomas Sowell In the 21st century the cattle sector finds itself in a peculiar situation. The…

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The Pinnacle Of Human Nutrition – Red Meat & Dairy Products

July 6, 2018 “The chief occasion for vegetables…. with most Eskimos, was famine” – Vilhjalmur Stefansson In 1906, Vilhjalmur Stefansson, the son of Icelandic immigrants to America and a Harvard-trained anthropologist, chose to live with the Inuit in the Canadian Arctic. He was the first white man the Mackenzie River Inuit had ever seen. For…

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Agriculture Investment – Wealth Preservation & Wealth Creation

June 26, 2018 “The crash will come from the gap between appearances and reality. I have never seen such stormy weather gathering.” – Felix Somary (1927) Credit: DeLaval The previous five posts of this blog have introduced the business objectives of Sustainable Agricultural Systems. I now intend to explore the challenges and opportunities facing this…

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Making Bovine Agriculture Transparent – Honest Food

June 15, 2018 Our final business objective is to make bovine agriculture transparent. Food transparency and traceability is set to become increasingly important as supermarkets and consumers seek honest food produced to the highest environmental and food safety standards. Midstream agricultural businesses need to be able to demonstrate transparency and traceability. Technological developments such as…

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Making Bovine Agriculture Scalable – A Systems Approach

June 6, 2018 “Personally, I’m thinking about number 10,000. A lot of people would say I’m dreaming. Well, they’d be right. I’ve been dreaming all my life, and I’m sure as hell not going to stop now.” – Ray Kroc Credit: DeLaval When Ray Kroc wrote the above statement in his 1977 biography, Grinding It…

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Making Bovine Agriculture Manageable – Controlling The Uncontrollable

May 30, 2018 “More than 95% of your organization’s problems derive from your systems, processes and methods, not from your individual workers. Improving systems takes a concerted, well-planned, usually cross-functional effort led from the top of the organization. Without conscious attention to systems, you will focus on people. Your people are doing their best, but…

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Making Bovine Agriculture Investable – A Cash Cow

May 25, 2018 “The agriculture sector has been a disaster for 35 years. Things are so bad. The average age of an American farmer is 58, the average age in Japan is 68. And do you know that the highest suicide rate in the UK is in the agricultural sector?” – Jim Rogers Jim Rogers…

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Making Bovine Agriculture Sustainable – Superseding Industrial Animal Agriculture

Controlled Environment Agriculture

May 16, 2018 Controlled Environment Agriculture The first five posts of this blog will introduce SAS’s business objectives – these are; to make bovine agriculture sustainable, investable, manageable, scalable and transparent. First up – making bovine agriculture Sustainable Sustainability is a rather ambiguous concept, but it has become popular in recent years as individuals, institutions…

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