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Harvested Hydroponic Feed


In a resource restricted world, it is imperative that only super-efficient farming systems are operated.

Ultimately, the management of soil and water determines the sustainability of an agricultural system. Each of the SAS System’s five main aspects directly improve the resource efficiency of bovine agriculture.


Investment and innovation in agriculture is lagging due to a lack of investable opportunities.

In order to make agricultural production a low risk, investable opportunity, exogenous impacts - such as weather and disease - need to be removed from the investment equation. The protected and controlled environment SAS System has this ability. 


Every bovine production facility needs to operate as efficiently and profitably as the top 1% of farms.

The controllable and consistent SAS System enables capable farm managers to achieve exceptional technical and financial performance irrespective of external weather conditions.

Furthermore, the average farmer age in many countries is approaching 60. Careers in agriculture must be made more appealing if the next generation of high calibre farm managers are to be attracted into the industry. The SAS System offers a maximum 45 hour working week; excellent working conditions; and competitive remuneration.


We believe the future of livestock agriculture lies in scalable farming, not large-scale farming.

The SAS System is infinitely scalable. Whether 1, 10 or 100 systems are operated, the efficiencies, profitability and technical performance achieved by each individual unit is indistinguishable.

In this regard, the SAS System really can be described as the McDonald’s of cattle production.


People are becoming increasingly interested in food quality and safety.

Connecting with the end consumer is now very much a part of modern agriculture.

The SAS System integrates a purpose-built Open Farm agri-tourism venture. This allows visitors to “get behind the scenes” of a modern, efficient and high-welfare cattle operation.

After exploring the SAS System, customers can enjoy farm fresh food served in the Open Farm café.

At the end of the day, the ultimate outcome is a visitor leaving the farm gate a little more informed, satiated, and supportive of the cattle industry than when they arrived.