Sustainable Agricultural Systems Ltd. (SAS) is a start-up agribusiness. Our objectives are to make bovine agriculture sustainable, investable, manageable, scalable, and transparent.

The business revolves around the SAS System – a dairy and beef production system fit for the 21st century.

10 Glass Fresh Milk

Unique Investment Opportunity

SAS is offering a tangible investment opportunity with sound business growth prospects and consistent annual income generation. An investment in this productive agribusiness encapsulates: -water tradeable commodities (food) -fixed assets -inflation hedge Developing a global food system that uses half the water and half the soil as it does today – yet produces twice as…

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Real Nutrition

There is a substantial difference between meeting human energy requirements and meeting human nutrition requirements. Healthy people need to consume high quality animal fat and protein. Red meat and dairy products are the pinnacle of human grade nutrition. Future generations deserve access to a food supply rich in nutrient dense animal source foods, not a…

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Business Objectives

Watering Young Plants In Soil

Sustainable In a resource restricted world, it is imperative that only super-efficient farming systems are operated. Ultimately, the management of soil and water determines the sustainability of an agricultural system. Each of the SAS System’s five main aspects directly improve the resource efficiency of bovine agriculture. Investable Investment and innovation in agriculture is lagging due…

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Demonstration Unit

After more than five years of research and development, SAS is now seeking to partner with an investor(s) and raise investment capital to develop a demonstration dairy and beef system in the UK. The demonstration unit will provide the blueprint and showpiece for future SAS System developments. Once fully operational, this greenfield project will produce…

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The SAS System

......recycled clean water

SAS has undertaken a complete system redesign of dairy and beef production. Ultimately, the concept of “sustainable intensification” is achieved – food production is intensified, but not to the detriment of natural resources, the environment, animal welfare, and economic viability. Why is the SAS System needed? The industrialisation of agriculture after the Second World War…

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About Sustainable Agricultural Systems Ltd. (SAS) We are a New Zealand farming family who in 2010 moved to the UK to investigate new agricultural opportunities. Since then, we have researched and designed the SAS System. An expanding domestic population, falling food self-sufficiency, as well as the ability to access professional business services, indicates that the…

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Contact Us If you would like to register your interest in this unique investment opportunity, please contact Edward Talbot. Email: [email protected] Phone: +44 (0) 7826 760184 This communication is directed at persons having professional experience in matters relating to investments. Any investment activity concerning this investment opportunity is available to investment professionals only. Non-professional investors…

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